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The Rich Flavors of Mexico,  
Great Mexican Food served in Villa Rica Georgia Since 2000

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Lunch Spicy Shrimp 3060
Lunch Spicy Ench -  20220818-_MG_3103
Lunch Fajitas Chk 3059
Lunch El Veloz 3074
Lunch Combo 1 - 3066
Food -  Lunch Number 10 - 3036
Food -  Lunch MiniTacoSalad 3031
Food -  Lunch BtoSupreme 3038
Bean Dip -  20220816-_MG_3088
HardShell Taco MG_9425
Food -  Donas Papas Locas 2980
Chicken Dip  20220816-_MG_3083
Beef Dip  20220816-_MG_3081
Food - SuperBurrito 2913
Food - EnchiSuizas 2931
Food - EnchiPoblanas 2935
Food -  Pollo Loco Bowl 3027
Food -  BlancoBowl Stk 3006
Food -  Nopal Ito 3041
Nachos Supreme -  20220818-_MG_3097
Food - Taco Salad 2942
Queso Dip  20220816-_MG_3076
Chipotle Steak Bowl
Burrito Tapatillos 20200917-IMG_8531
Chunky Gucamole
Nachos Rancheros
Authentic Tacos Asada
Chicken Fajita Nachos
Frozen Margarita
Chicken Fajitas
Cancun Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad
Tortilla Soup
House Salad
Tres Amigos
Street Tacos

ranchito-vr Announcements:

New Specials have been added

NOW Serving Pacifico, Cantarito, and
Lechuza on draft

Taco Tuesdays, Join us on Tuesdays for $1.00 Crunchy tacos or 2.00 Mini Street tacos. Available for dine-in only.


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