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El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Founded September 4, 2000

El Ranchito is a Family owed restaurant that takes pride in sharing our culture and love of food with the community of Villa Rica. We proudly welcome everyone to enjoy the great taste of mexico, close to home in GA.

El Ranchito's Founder came from Mexico to this great country in search of the american dream, of being able to provide for his family in a safe and friendly community.  After many years of hard work and dedication he was able to start El Ranchito back in 2000 and hope that with the continued dedication of our employees and the loyal paytronage of our customers we will be a landmark in the city of Villa Rica.  

We are greatfull for all that have dined with us and will continue to dine with us.  We welcome any feedback that can help us improve as a business for our customers. Any menu suggestions are also welcome.

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